Density Dancity

Written for and performed by the Fusik Larson Duo: Jim Fusik (tenor sax) and Karl Larson (piano), October 2016

DEN-si-ty, DEN-si-ty, (breathe) DEN-si-ty, den-SI-ty, den-SI-ty, (breathe) den-SI-ty, den-si-TEEE, den-si-TEEE, (breathe) den-si-TEEE
duh-AN-si-ty, duh-AN-si-ty, (breathe) duh-AN-si-ty, DUH-an-si-ty, DUH-an-si-ty (breathe) DUH-an-si-ty, duh-an-SI-ty, duh-an-SI-ty (breathe) duh-an-SI-ty (etc. etc.)
DANCITY DANCITY DANCITY Daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa...
In other words, Jim traverses phrases of multiphonics with the grace and agility of a dancer, systematically adding and enlonging and exploiting subtle differences in density, loudness, and pitch content while Karl dances among equal-tempered shadows of said multiphonics.