Döppelganger III

Sky Macklay and Kaia Sand (oboe), and Brad Schultz (portative organ)
performed October 9th, 2014 at Luther College

Doppelgänger III is part of a series of pieces for two soloistic oboes and other instruments. The oboists play in “aleatoric multiphonic unison,” meaning they play the same multiphonic fingerings, but embrace the unpredictable variation in multiphonic results between individual oboes, which create distortion and beating. I use unison high notes, double trills, and fast-changing walls of multiphonics to create a short, fast, noisy, and gestural barrage of sound objects and dirty melodies. I love to play this piece myself and, wherever the piece may go, I see it as an opportunity for playing with new and old oboe friends.

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